Statement and Goals


As a current member the Port’s excellent team, I will keep the Port of Camas–Washougal headed in the right direction. My inclusive leadership style generates conversations and successes, such as the waterfront master plan to develop a thriving community. Similarly, my leadership has helped make our parks and trails even better, and started efforts to bring the airport into city limits.

My main goals as your Port Commissioner include: strengthening partnerships among all East County agencies to benefit our community, developing all areas of the Port to support business and job growth, expanding the marina and the airport, and obtaining new land for development. Citizen input is critical to my decision making, so I seek input on all sides of the issues.

My wife and I are raising our family here, where I grew up. I chose a career in government administration, recently serving as a city administrator, and have consulted in the field for several years. This experience helps me perform effectively as Port Commissioner, fulfilling my commitment to create good job opportunities and enduring public facilities.



Vote for me for Position 1 so we can make East County even better for us and our children!



For the Industrial Park

  • Continue developing Steigerwald Business Park.
  • Extend 41st Street through Steigerwald Commerce Center to open land for development.
  • Erect additional buildings to encourage business growth.
  • Obtain land for future industrial development.
  • Beautify park with minimal expense.


For the Washougal Waterfront

  • Redevelop Marina area with new office building, including ground floor restaurant/retail.
  • Attract one or two additional hotels.
  • Facilitate building conference facility.
  • Support completion of Black Pearl restaurant.
  • Attract private development for restaurant/retail along Waterfront Trail.
  • Attract office and multi-use office/residential developments.
  • Build a co-working building/business incubator.


For the Marina

  • Expand eastward with a new dock.
  • Purchase land for second boat launch/marina.
  • Investigate ways to reduce marina sedimentation, in turn reducing dredging costs.
  • Find ways to support marina tenants and users. One idea is to support the Yacht Club as a platform for expressing their concerns with a more unified voice.


For the Airport

  • Create new Airport Layout Plan, required by FAA to receive federal grants for development.
  • Extend runway to accommodate larger planes and to enable instrument approaches, making the airport usable in poor weather.
  • Change airport traffic patterns to reduce noise over Lacamas Lake.
  • Encourage commercial development around the airport by revising zoning and investing in infrastructure and buildings.
  • Annex airport into City of Camas to make development easier and to create new tax income for the city.
  • Site new restaurant on airport land.


For Parks and Trails

  • Develop Children’s Natural Play Area along Waterfront Trail.
  • Build new dog park west of airport.
  • Help City of Washougal complete trail connecting Waterfront and Levy Trails.
  • Help parties involved in Steigerwald Levy breach and realignment to improve ecology, trails and access.


Across Our Community

  • Continue to seek citizen and stakeholder input from all sides.
  • Find ways to facilitate local businesses’ support for education programs.
  • Support local businesses and business development through Camas-Washougal Economic Development Association (CWEDA).
  • Continue to lead cross-agency East County Workgroup, coordinating common goals and efforts among our two cities, two school districts, local leaders and Port.